Join the ArMoR Cluster to discuss the future of EU livestock

Interested in animal and human welfare? Join the projects cluster ArMoR for a hybrid event to discuss how we can reduce antimicrobial use in livestock.


Interested in animal and human welfare? Join the projects cluster ArMoR for a hybrid event on the 16th of February in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Academia, research institutes, private partners and civil society representatives will get together to discuss how we can reduce antimicrobial use in livestock. You can learn more and register here.

The ArMoR cluster, created under the guidance of Horizon Results Booster, is composed by 7 EU research projects: DISARM, HealthyLivestock, Roadmap, AVANT, AMRILLS, BM-FARM, and FARM-CARE. Together, they aim to reinforce the agricultural sector in preventing and counteracting antimicrobial resistance in livestock systems.

According to EUROSTAT, in 2021, in the European Union there were 142 million pigs, 76 million bovines and 71 million sheep and goats. The EU Agricultural Outlook published by European Commission shows an average consumption of 66 kg of meat per capita in the EU. Among the problems facing by livestock animals, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasingly becoming a threat to public health. Microbes keep adapting to the antibiotics developed to combat them, causing as consequence resistance to drugs. Combating antimicrobial resistance is key for the wellbeing of livestock, and for extension, to our own health.

ArMoR Cluster is helping the industry to respond to this rising concern by providing information materials, recommendations and guidelines to farmers; analyses of reduced antimicrobial usage; feed additives and alternative feeding strategies and alternatives to antimicrobials for the management of bacterial infections in animals.

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