What is Horizon Results Booster?

Horizon Results Booster (HRB) is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and maximise the impact of public funded research within the EU. 

It supports projects eager to go beyond their Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) obligations - steering research towards strong societal impact and concretising the value of Research and Innovation (R&I) activity for societal challenges.

To achieve this, HRB offers free consulting services to closed or ongoing research projects funded by FP7, Horizon 2020, or Horizon Europe programmes.

What Services Are Available?

The Horizon Results Booster offers 3 types of services:

1. Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy
• Identifying and creating the portfolio of Research & Innovation project results (module A),
• Creating the portfolio of results; design and execute a portfolio dissemination plan (module B)
• Improving existing exploitation strategy (module C)

2. Tailor made support services to develop a business plan

3. Assistance, coaching and mentoring for go-to-market activities.

When Can You Apply?

It is possible to submit an HRB application as soon as the project's results are identified. HRB services must be completed at the latest by 7th of November 2024.

Who Is Providing the Services?

The services are provided by a consortium of specialized companies: META Group, Ecorys Europe, ICONS, Trust-IT Services, BDO, and PNO.
For more information about Horizon Results Booster, visit the FAQ section or contact us at booster@meta-group.com.

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