Success stories

LEAD Project: Towards Sustainable Urban Logistics

HRB's support has been valuable in providing strategic guidance and facilitating initial steps in our journey. While their assistance has primarily focused on strategic input, we appreciate their contributions in shaping our early direction

REWIND: Sustainable Bioplastics from Used Cooking Oil and Waste Valorization

I was very impressed with the expert that was appointed to us. He was always pushing and motivating us and it was very good for the project, for myself, for my growth itself.

SPEAR: Designing a sustainable and effective Gender Equality Plan for Research Institutions

Besides helping us clarify our initial objectives and create a comprehensive stakeholder map, Horizon Results Booster provided us with materials for joint dissemination and supported us in building a social media campaign

ADLIFE: An innovative care approach to improving the quality of life for people living with chronic conditions

It was already very useful because we had to prepare several different documents that helped the consortium figure out what are our expectations and scaling up intentions are because so far, we focused more on the whole deployment phase and getting the tools ready,