Success stories

Smart energy grid technologies for a sustainable market

As electricity demand is constantly increasing, grid operators have to deal with several challenges, such as power transmission losses or outages. TDX-ASSIST aims to address these issues by developing new technologies to improve data exchange between system operators.

Increasing Bio fertilisers usage for a sustainable agriculture

REFERTIL is a science and technology development project contributing to the cost-efficient transformation of the organic waste streams from the agriculture and food industry.

Tidal is the energy of the future

There is a growing conversation. We have begun the release of the technology much earlier than other countries, but we might now be overtaken by other countries that are investing a lot; It was a whole process in which we evolved, and came from just focusing on technology to also focusing on the market.

Four HRB services for cement factory retrofitters CLEANKER

Since the beginning of CLEANKER I really saw that synergies between projects were possible. This is why I wanted to try this service. To see if we could also create synergies with the results of other projects related to CO2 capture.