Success stories

SAFERUP!: Redesigning the European urban landscape through innovative pavements

Most of the participants were engineers and had little, if any, experience on use and exploitation strategies. With the Horizon Results Booster we wanted to acquire some. Also, we aimed to join forces with other similar projects.

EXCELLERAT: Paving the Way for Exascale in European Engineering

We teamed up to support several key engineering industries in Europe in dealing with complex applications using HPC technologies. Our goal is to help Europe leverage scientific progress in high-performance computing driven engineering and address current economic and societal challenge.

WATEREYE: A Hybrid Monitoring Solution for Offshore Wind Farms

We need to change our minds a little bit to go beyond the technologies and solutions we develop. Once you have the solution or even before that, you need to analyze if it is in line with the needs of the target market.

MEISTER: Rethinking the Urban Mobility Transition

We cannot just tell people to give up combustion engines or buy an electric vehicle. We have to make things easier for them.

Using artificial noses to improve cancer patients’ quality of life

Sometimes it may be difficult to find an immediate application for the research that is being developed. It is important for researchers to identify it so they can generate new technologies, innovation, and revenue that will come back to the society in multiple forms.