Success stories

Tidal is the energy of the future

There is a growing conversation. We have begun the release of the technology much earlier than other countries, but we might now be overtaken by other countries that are investing a lot; It was a whole process in which we evolved, and came from just focusing on technology to also focusing on the market.
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Not one, not two, but four HRB services for cement factory retrofitters CLEANKER

Since the beginning of CLEANKER I really saw that synergies between projects was possible. This is why I wanted to try this service. To see if we could also make synergies with the results of other projects related to CO2 capture.
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Pitching Perfection with Advanced Microturbines

Through the service we had a chance of both improving pitching both in terms of quality and how to present data and also in a more quantitative way, so how to analyse and make more accurate forecasts in terms of financial predictions of company revenues over the years
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