Success stories

Building cybercrime tools for law enforcement with COPKIT

"We had two use cases, one was illegal firearms trading and the other one was crime as a service, so people advertising their talents or services online, most of them on the dark market"
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A GEOTHERMAL REVOLUTION - Improving visibility for geothermal energy

The problem with geothermal energy is that people don’t see it and don’t understand it, unlike wind turbines which are visible everywhere
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Horizon Results Booster supports EU-India Water Management Task Force

"India was hit really badly, all of our field use cases were put on hold. We did our best to interact but we were far away, vaccinated, and this was not the case for our Indian colleagues" - “We are planning to go back to India in 2022 and the project team is mitigating the best that we can. But the pandemic has made our project super difficult and I’m sure it’s the same for all projects.”
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