Pitching Perfection with Advanced Microturbines

Researcher-turned-entrepreneur Emanuele Guglielmino was the recipient of an SME Instrument Phase II grant to get his innovative company, Advanced Microturbines, up and running.

Now, as he sets out to secure other forms of investment, he’ll put into practice lessons learned from the Horizon Results Booster Go-to-Market service, focusing on pitching.

Guglielmino has developed a coin-sized microturbine, which harvests waste energy from gas pressure reducing valves and converts it into electricity. His solution is able to power remote installations, which are increasingly off-grid. This is especially the case for pipelines in harsh environments and in less developed countries, making Guglielmino’s innovation important for both environmental and societal reasons.

His company now has two people working full-time and several consultants working on part-time contracts. The next step for him is to secure further investment to push the technology developed with the SME Instrument funding – project AIRWATT – to international markets.

Guglielmino read about the Horizon Results Booster online, and got in touch with META Group to apply.
Horizon Results Booster aims to help recipients of Horizon 2020 funding to successfully exploit their results. Expert support is provided free of charge, and there are three main “types” of service available: portfolio and dissemination strategy, business plan development, and go-to-market.

After being accepted to the Booster, Guglielmino was advised to avail of the pitching services. The expert team from Horizon Results Booster helped him to amplify the financial side of his pitches, which potential future investors and funders would be interested in.
“Through the service we had a chance of both improving pitching both in terms of quality and how to present data and also in a more quantitative way, so how to analyse and make more accurate forecasts in terms of financial predictions of company revenues over the years,” said Guglielmino.

His pitch deck was already strong on the technical aspects, but the experts from Horizon Results Booster helped him to include other types of business information that would be useful when pitching to investors. They helped him to anticipate the questions he could expect, and also to better present his data.
He felt that the Horizon Results Booster complemented the SME Instrument grant that he had received previously, which was more focused on the technology.

“I could recommend this service to other grantees of the European Union that have products that have a more scientific background, so where the partners are coming from a more engineering or technological background.”
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