• 1. Who is eligible for support?

    The services are available for all ongoing and closed projects or project groups under any area of FP7, H2020 or Horizon Europe.

    Projects funded by other Programmes than FP7, H2020 and HE are eligible too, provided that they join a Project Group led by a project funded under FP7 and H2020. Only projects funded under FP7, H2020 and HE can submit the application to request the Horizon Results Booster services.

    Geographical residence of the applicants (i.e. applicants from UK) is not evaluated when checking eligibility. It is the project which will be evaluated, not the organisation.

    When checking their eligibility, the European Commission will also evaluate motivation, commitment and maturity of results of applying projects/project groups based on the services they requested. 

  • 2. What is a project?

    A project is defined as any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively (consortia) involving research, innovation or design. Projects are created through a grant agreement between the beneficiary (individual or a consortium) and the European Commission and includes funding from the 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities (FP7), Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe.

  • 3. What is a Project Group?

    A Project Group is defined as a collaboration of several projects with certain commonalities that allow for joint dissemination.

  • 4. Do I have to pay for the services?

    Services are free of charge for single project or project groups from which at least one project was funded under FP7, H2020 or HE, ongoing or closed.

  • 5. How do I apply?

    Applications can be sent by anyone within an eligible project by filling in the application form available at the following link: 


    The online application form is the only way to officially request the Horizon Results Booster services.

    To fill in the application form, you will be asked to register to the platform. This will allow you to log off, log on and complete the application at your convenience.

    Please note that the following information will be also required to register to the platform before accessing the application form:

    - your e-mail address

    - ID (Grant agreement number) of your project

    - contacts of the project coordinator (Name + e-mail address)

    - contacts of the EC Project Officer (Name + e-mail address) of your project

  • 6. Can I apply more than once?

    Project consortia can benefit from a typology of the Horizon Results Booster services only once. They can request more than one typology of services, which can be requested altogether or in different moments.

  • 7. Who makes the final decision on providing the HRB support?

    The European Commission will be responsible for the evaluation of all application received.

  • 8. I have a question that has not been answered above. Where can I get more information?

    For more information contact: booster@meta-group.com

  • 9. Why do I have to register to the platform?

    The Horizon Results Booster services are all delivered through the support of the on-line platform, from the application phase up to the end of the service. This does not mean that physical meetings will not be part of the service delivery when needed.

    The platform allows you to:

    - prepare and submit your application to the HRB services

    - share documents and files with experts during the service delivery

    - always monitor the progresses of your service delivery

    - visualize your Service Delivery Plan

    - interact with experts through topics

    All people which will be involved during the service delivery should be registered on the platform. 

    Personal data will be managed according to the GDPR. All experts and users other than project partners have signed a Confidentiality Agreement protecting the disclosure of confidential information on the projects.

  • 10. I have applied for a service. What happens now?

    Once applications are submitted, they are verified by the European Commission for eligibility. If they are considered eligible, the Horizon Results Booster Team proposes experts for the service delivery, which have to be approved by the European Commission. During this period, you can always see your applications by entering the HRB platform.

    When experts are approved by the European Commission, the Horizon Results Boster platform sends an automatic notification to both the appointed experts and the applicants. Your applications become Services. From this moment, the service delivery can start.

    From the date of the automatic notification, the expert generally sends an e-mail to the applicants in 7-10 working days to schedule a "preliminary call", which is used to better introduce the services and agree on a more detailed Service Delivery Plan (scheduling all activities to be implemented).