New milestone: 600 services completed under Horizon Results Booster

Horizon Results Booster, the European Commission's initiative to boost the impact of research, has already delivered over 600 support services to EU-funded projects.


Launched in 2020, the programme's aim is to amplify the impact of research outcomes within EU funded projects. To achieve this, a series of beneficial support services are provided free of charge for result valorization, business plan development, and impact creation.

As a result, more than 2,789 beneficiaries, 209 experts and 7,363 organizations have been involved so far, with over 600 delivered services.

What are the Horizon Results Booster services?

Horizon Results Booster provides expert services to facilitate a consistent flow of innovation to the market and optimize the impact of publicly funded research within the EU.

The programme provides three main categories of services that are accessible for free to concluded or ongoing projects funded by FP7, Horizon 2020, and Horizon Europe:

1. Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy

Module A: Identifying and creating the portfolio of Research & Innovation project results

Module B: Creating the portfolio of results; design and execute a portfolio dissemination plan

Module C: Improving existing exploitation strategy

2. Business Plan Development

3. Assistance, coaching and mentoring for Go-To-Market activities

Support services delivered since 2020

So far, 600 services have been successfully provided, and the programme has made a significant impact on the way researchers are approaching research valorisation, communication and dissemination activities, and the steps to be considered when bringing innovative products and solutions to the market. The following graphic displays the specific types of services delivered up to March 2023: