Service: Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy

The aim of this service is to strengthen the capacity of project groups (PGs) in disseminating and of single projects in exploiting their research results. This service is expected to maximise the dissemination of results and offer a wider and more complete view to potential users (Module A and B). It will also enhance beneficiaries’ capacity to improve their exploitation strategy (Module C).

Module A

Identifying and creating the portfolio of R&I project results

This module supports the creation of a portfolio of results that are suitable for dissemination. Following the formation of the project groups/portfolios, you will receive guidance to identify similar ongoing projects from any other EU, national and regional funding initiatives. This service also includes a comprehensive mapping of the relevant stakeholders/target audience for each particular portfolio.

  • For a single project or project group from which at least one project was funded under FP7, H2020 or HE, ongoing or closed.
  • This service is only available to projects or project groups that show a united interest in maximising their dissemination potential.

Module B

Helping projects from the portfolio to design and execute a portfolio dissemination plan

This module focuses on helping your project group to design a common dissemination plan for the portfolio and to carry out the actual dissemination of the portfolio results. The deliverables of this service include a short video describing the project results.

  • For project groups from which at least one project was funded under FP7, H2020 or HE, ongoing or closed.
  • This service is available only for projects who already have a dissemination plan and with certain commonalities that allow for joint dissemination. 

Module C

Assisting projects to improve their existing exploitation strategy

This service will provide guidance and training to improve the existing project strategies of projects towards effective exploitation of key exploitable results.
The exploitation strategy will improve the following aspects:

  • review of the key exploitable results of the project;
  • revise, complement and clarify existing exploitation plans of project results and/or outline exploitation paths of results;
  • techniques to identify all relevant stakeholders in the exploitation value chain;
  • support to perform a risk analysis related to the exploitation of results.

This service is available for single project funded under FP7, H2020 or HE, ongoing or closed with identified key exploitable results.