New milestone achieved: Horizon Results Booster has successfully delivered 700 services

The EC initiative to boost the exploitation of research results delivered 700 services


Horizon Results Booster (HRB) reached a number of 700 services delivered after three years of implementation. Thanks to the experts and the research teams that trust us, we have been able to contribute to our mission which started in 2020.

Horizon Results Booster services in numbers

During this time, we have provided free expert support to more than 1.100 research projects involving over 8.000 organisations. At least, 1 out of 4 (25%) of them were higher or secondary education institutions, which shows the increasing commitment of education stakeholders to maximize the impact of their research initiatives.

On the other hand, for every research project it's crucial to identify the Key Exploitable Results (KERs). KERs are the specific outcomes of research that will have the potential to be turned into commercially successful products, services, or processes. In other words, they are the tangible benefits that can be extracted from the research findings. Identifying KERs early during the research can help to focus the efforts, attract funding, and support from industry partners, and increase the impact of research on society.

The graphic below gives an overview of the identified KERs during the development of HRB services based on the field of application.

So far, the majority of the organizations involved looked for services dedicated to the creation of a portfolio of results that are suitable for joint dissemination. The second most requested service (23%) was for support in designing and executing a portfolio dissemination plan.

HRB services at a glance

When we talk about free support services, we refer to a portfolio that ranges from supporting project groups in designing a joint dissemination plan to assisting beneficiaries in making their project results ready for commercialisation.. Here is an overview of these services in more detail:

  1. Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy. The objective of the Dissemination services is to enhance the capabilities of Project Groups (PGs) in effectively disseminating and maximizing the visibility of a range of research outcomes. The Exploitation service assists individual projects in leveraging their research findings and empowering beneficiaries to enhance their exploitation strategies. It is composed of the following modules:
    a. Identifying and creating the portfolio of R&I project results
    b. Helping projects from the portfolio to design and execute a portfolio dissemination plan
    c. Assisting projects to improve their existing exploitation strategy

  2. Business Plan Development supports beneficiaries in bridging the gap between their outcomes and the market by facilitating the development of a robust business plan and helping them prepare to secure suitable funding for implementing project results.

  3. The Go to market service seeks to aid beneficiaries in preparing their project outcomes for commercialization. The service will help in identifying and overcoming potential hurdles that may impede the exploitation of project results, enabling beneficiaries to reach the commercialization goal.

Apply now and get free support services for your research

Horizon Results Booster is an initiative by the European Commission that offers free support services for research and innovation EU funded projects that want to boost their exploitation potential, disseminate effectively, and reach the market. It is implemented by a consortium of specialized companies: META Group, Ecorys Europe, ICONS, Trust-IT Services, BDO, and PNO.

The services are available to all closed and ongoing projects funded under FP7, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes, independent of the funding scheme. The service implementation timeframe is from July 2020 to June 2024.

You too can apply and benefit from free support services!

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